Faith – Whakapono


Faith – Whakapono

$160- $220 (varying print sizes) Original painting- price on application

Whenever you see the prefix ‘whaka’ at the beginning of a word in Māori, it turns that word after it, into an action. Pono means to be true, and faith, faith in terms of your beliefs. For me, faith is not just to believe in something that you can’t quite see, but that if your belief is that strong, you have to act and do something—it’s not enough to say, hey, yeah, I believe and then do nothing about it. You gotta have skin in the game (wherever that saying is from).

For me, faith is an ever-elusive thing. I get a ‘eureka’ moment and think I have this and walk forward with confidence and find, hang-on, I really don’t know about this. This movement is depicted in the pattern of the maze. This maze has no beginning and no end point. But there is beauty in the pattern, but sometimes this is not easily seen when you are in the middle of your hōhā moments in your life. Stand back, meditate, pray, take time for yourself and look back.

Journaling is a great way to look back at even the stink parts of your life. My experience has given me a new appreciation for my journey of faith. Journey being the operative word here, not destination. Faith is a forever journey. No beginning, no end. Like this maze.

Accept you. Your colours are uniquely yours. Stop looking at other peoples colours, they belong to them. Don’t compare your colours to others. Take time to stop and look at the spring snow.[1]

Size: 1220mm x 1220mm (original painting) 230mm x 230mm (reproduction print small) 550mm x 550mm (reproduction print medium)

Medium: Original- Acrylic on canvas (reproduction prints available)

Status: For Sale

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