Felicity Priest- On the Rocks


Felicity Priest- On the Rocks


Giant ice cubes tumble ominously from a massive ice bucket, pushed and pulled by gravity, a cliff of polar ice melts from the heights into the ever deepening sea below and storm brews in Te Moana-oRaukawa/The Cook Strait. Dissimilar in content and form perhaps, we may search for a common thread. We find similar qualities of mood, shape, colour and tone which seem to imply a sense of disturbance. The color blue, so aptly termed by the Irish poet and philosopher John O’Donahue as ‘the colour of sorrow’, ‘the colour of far away’ and yet also the colour of the infinite, predominates: ice in differing contexts, wind, and water all lurk at the liminal edge of mind, place and being. These are just a few aspects of ‘The Nature of Things’ – and speak of a wounded earth, a used planet but a brave place which we are privileged to inhabit.

The three works exhibited here were first intended to be displayed as originals, however, due to the corona virus pandemic, transportation to New Zealand from the artist’s studio in Australia was perceived to be too risky, so the images are now presented alternatively as limited edition high quality repro graphic prints taken from the original paintings and on same scale: they are all for sale accordingly.

The two larger paintings which are both Acrylic on unstretched canvas are presented in the form of wall hangings and the smaller painting is oil on unframed stretched canvas.

Smaller scale prints & the original works are available to purchase- please enquire.

Size: 560 x 1140mm

Medium: Repro graphic print of original acrylic painting on canvas Limited Edition 1/ 10

Status: For Sale

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