Jessica Galias – Continues End


Jessica Galias – Continues End


Initially inspired by fungi and mycelium, this series explores the pathways taken by all organic life on Earth. A pathway is a journey that has a beginning and an end. It connects all living organisms from birth, death, decay and new life, a reference to the awakening of the soul and cycles of renewal enacted through our earth/body relations. We may be forgotten by human’s memory, but the earth will never forget us. This opens a new gate of consciousness and removes fear from death.

Chalk pastel encapsulates the idea of humans coming from dust and returning to dust: Genesis 3:19 – “… For dust you are, and to dust you shall return.” We, organic beings created from this earth, shall once again return to the soil. The use of vibrant hues with contrasting darker colours symbolises the in-between experiences of life before death.

Size: 540mm x 780mm

Medium: Chalk pastel on paper

Status: Sold