Jo Ogier- Carex solandri


Jo Ogier- Carex solandri

$875 (framed)

In a fitting commemoration of Daniel Solander’s contribution to New Zealand botanical history, I have completed a series of photopolymer etchings illustrating four of the NZ plants named after him. They are Fuscospora solandri, Geranium solanderi, Rhabdothamnus solandri and Carex solandri.

Solander’s original botanical specimens and descriptions, based on the Linnean system of classification, have largely been reclassified and renamed by subsequent botanists. Sadly due to his early and untimely death, his manuscript Primitiae Florae Novae Zelandiae (the beginnings of a New Zealand flora), which outlined the botanical discoveries from the Endeavour voyage, was never published. If indeed it had it been published at the time, I am sure that Solander would have gained much greater acclaim and recognition worldwide.

In “Carex solandri” I have used 3 etching plates to create the image – Two silhouettes of pressed specimens in the background and the third made from my scientific drawing of the plant. Many thanks to the kind botanists from Manaaki Whenua/ Landcare Research who checked the accuracy of my drawings for the etchings; Leonie Perrie from the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa for name clarifications and support and the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, Trees for Canterbury and Oratia Native Plant Nursery for helping me source the specimens required in order to complete the work.

Size: 490 x 630mm (framed)

Medium: Photopolymer Etching

Status: For Sale

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