$1200 (sold as a pair)

When we stand to give our pepeha (kinda like where we are from), this is to connect us to others (we were cool even before Facebook!), we, amongst other things, acknowledge our awa (river) (or moana, lake, sea). This is my symbol for the bringing together of two individuals, with our rivers (our pasts, our whakapapa), uniting and becoming one awa. Your awa, my awa, become our awa. Relationships, like a river, has calm spots, spots that are great for swimming, fishing, etc and parts that are dangerous. Be mindful of what you say and what you do, it can change that calm part of the river into a torrent, in less than a second. The tukutuku values here are very important in all relationships.

Size: 1090mm x 190mm x 50mm (Base: 200mm x 160mm x 6mm)

Medium: Acrylic and varnish on macrocarpa on metal stand

Status: For Sale

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