Moana Mar’e – Adam


Moana Mar’e – Adam

  1. To me it means to put my full trust and reliance on the truth of what God says in his word. Although I believed it, I never really knew what it meant to rely on it. His truths about me, this world, His character, promises, His declarations and His love for me are things I need to hold onto tightly to get through each day without falling and breaking or succumbing to the easiness of sin to bring me comfort.
  2. When I paint, a lot of the time I have no reference to go off by, only what I have seen in my head and what has been revealed to me in dreams and visions. I have to rely on God’s promise to guide my hands and brush strokes as I create and trust that the artwork will turn out close to or exactly as how I saw it in the revelations given: and it always does! Another way faith influences my art practice are the meanings behind the revelations I see: sometimes they are not lovely and nice to tell but they are truthful, and I questioned whether or not they should be shared. Again, I needed to trust in God’s direction and that the image painted is a glorification and reflection of him and his desire to send a word or message to others out there, a plan that is not just about me, but about everyone here. 

Size: 900mm x 1210mm

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Status: Not For Sale