Nature Journals

Nature Journals

After completing my MFA at Elam School of Fine Arts in the early 1990’s I went on to study for a Post Grad Diploma in Plant and Wildlife illustration at the University of Newcastle in NSW, Australia. While there I discovered the joys of field sketching, which later evolved into nature journalling.   Nature journalling involves all the senses and unlike a diary, a nature journal is used specifically to record our observations of, and thoughts on, the environment we are in.

It can be used for identification purposes, for recording behaviours, or for sheer enjoyment of capturing the changing shapes, patterns, colours and sounds around us.

Nature Journalling is a large part of my art practice and as an avid bird watcher I use it a lot in my excursions to observe  wildlife in some favourite habitats. I have enjoyed observing and recording the migratory wading birds at the Miranda shellbanks on the Firth of Thames for over twenty years.

In 2013, I was “artist in residence” at the Auckland Botanic gardens for 8 weeks, culminating in an extensive exhibition there.  I kept a daily nature journal and developed a real love for the intricacies and diversity of the plant world.

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