Neal Palmer- Further Complications


Neal Palmer- Further Complications


I have been working with rose stems as a subject for a couple of years now, I’m interested in the emotionally charged reaction these works garner. For me, it’s a variation on the vanitas ideas of the 17th century; visual reminders of the fragility of life the old masters introduced to their still life works, like skulls and flies. The rose thorns are a reminder of the prickly nature of life; that they are attached to a beautiful flower, soft and sweet smelling, has a yin yang circularity I find very appealing.  This particular work is a combination of stems I have drawn together in a spatially impossible way that borders on surreal. The monochrome is intended to emphasise the sculptural form of the stems.

Size: 1200mm x 895mm

Medium: Acrylic on board

Status: For Sale

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