Stevie Houkamau, Herenga


Stevie Houkamau, Herenga

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Since 2012 I have had the privilege to work alongside and collaborate with indigenous Wahine Uku (clay) artists from around the world. Through these connections I have learnt the importance of these special bonds and how they are integral not only to the sharing of knowledge of a common medium, but also the sharing of stories and traditions.  Most importantly the struggles we face as indigenous woman that also whakapapa to the people that colonised our ancestors and how we navigate that space.

Herenga is a collaboration between myself and my indigenous sista, Courtney Leonard who whakapapa to the Shinnecock Nation of Long Island, USA. This is the second collaboration that we have done, the first being in New Mexico.

You will see the manaia gently cradling the seed like vessel/ipu that represents those connections that are so important for us as indigenous woman fighting a common fight that knows no boundaries.  Although we are worlds away we as wahine/ artists/ indigenous/ mixed race woman face the same struggles and challenges. These connections and support systems allow us to grow in strength and regain balance.

The surface design was done by Leonard, her use of colour and technique is stunning. It was an amazing process to watch her interact with a form created by myself and how she connected her passions and style to Herenga. Leonard fights daily to bring awareness of the importance of the moana. It is also through this moana that we are able to connect. 

Size: Variable approx 50cm x 22cm

Medium: Clay, underglaze, linseed

Status: For Sale

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