Tabatha Forbes- Absent Facsimilie No. 5


Tabatha Forbes- Absent Facsimilie No. 5

$3950 (framed)

Tabatha’s 2020 new painting series are direct facsimiles from Joseph Hooker’s rhododendron plates of the 1800’s.  They are titled Absent Facsimile because they present an incomplete copy of the original prints. The flower is represented as empty white paper, a simple shape, almost childish but still recognizable.  The vibrancy of the flower petals saturates the background instead.  The paintings celebrate a moment in history where the collaboration between art and science was fluid, where the discoveries were difficult adventures into new worlds, and where the art itself attempted to take the celebration of nature into the mainstream.  The absence of the flowers also blatantly considers the global climate crisis and the increasing threat to flora, fauna and natural environments

Size: 660 x 820mm (framed)

Medium: Acrylic on bamboo paper

Status: For Sale

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