The teka tika continuum


The teka tika continuum

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Teka is lying, lies or being false. Tika is completely and wholly the opposite; it is to be true—someone with integrity. I noticed the subtle difference in these words and the first word on this picture is TEKA, but it is trying to disguise itself by trying to make the E look like an I. A classic move for someone who is not being true. The other words along the way to the bottom to the resolute TIKA, are words that move from a place of great unpleasantness, changing to being true – or to a place of integrity. Think of those classic bullies, that no one stands-up to and they are encouraged from the side lines by others. Doing nothing about injustices, makes you an accomplice. At the other end of the continuum there is the word AU, which means: me, I, myself. I put this here, because sometimes showing integrity is very lonely and others can turn on you. The move from tika to teka can be instantaneous. Kia tika!

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