Virtual Awa (Video Stills & Statement)


Virtual Awa (Video Stills & Statement)

This is an introduction to Pounga Wai – a digital river. 

I have begun building and testing procedural animations that are based on the Whanganui River, Te Awa Tupua. This data sculpture system can eventually be rendered in real time as a work driven by scientific information. The immersion of mana-whenua design within the digital awa is an investigation into our design history as a dialogue between new media technology and Te Ao Māori.

No Te Ao tawhito ki Te Ao hou. A dynamic river current – koriporipo – challenges a wall of korero- a new kind of space. Non-conforming and endogenic. Experimental, yet meditative. This is contemporary narrative revealed through animation. A moving, complex, transitory korero of light.

Medium: Video Projection & Sound

Status: Not For Sale