Next Thursday


Next Thursday

Josh Sollitt

Opening: September 27 5:30 pm

Viewing: September 27 until October 7

The Next Thursday series is a continuation of a triptych of landscape oil paintings created by my Uncle, Glen Hutchins in 1997. The triptych was originally made at my mother’s home in Whanganui, overlooking the rural landscape of Kai Iwi. The application of colour in these paintings captures rawness and power through a visceral response that echoes the landscape. Glen Hutchins’ exploration of colour harmonies served as the starting point for this exhibition.

In Next Thursday, the paint lends a sculptural quality, reminiscent of topographical landscapes built up from the many layers of paint. Just as if we are composed of a mosaic of experiences, connections, and defining moments, these layers symbolize an internal landscape expressed through the harmonies of colour, gesture, and application of paint.

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