Sounds like Noise


Sounds like Noise

Glen Hutchins

Opening: September 27 5:30 pm

Viewing: September 27 until October 7

This recent series of work was inspired by the ocean, in particular the west coast of the North Island which is made up of black sand beaches and the steep valleys of the Whanganui River. By using the surrounding landscape and ocean as a starting point, it is my intention to create a sense of space and investigate notions of colour, materiality, and space within painting.

From there, I followed the idea of exploration and discovery – the need we have to explore, navigate, and push the limits of the unknown, which I then connected to my process of painting and the way I approach the work. This involves pushing the materials to the edge, taking risks, and letting things happen by intuition and chance. The paint is poured and moved across the canvas. Layers upon layers are built up on the canvas and then destroyed. Sometimes you might see parts of what was there before, but sometimes it will be gone completely.

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