S M A L L – 2.0


S M A L L – 2.0

Siobhan Wooding, Rowan Love, Kylie Wardlaw, Kate Sione, Cam Munroe, Prakash Patel, Cat Sleyer, MB Stoneman, Leigh Anderton-Hall, Mark Rayner, Chris Lambert, Jodi Clark, KP Taylor, Rachael Garland, Alice Fennessy, Leonie Sharp, Patrick Gregg, Adele Dubarry, Sandy De Kock, Catherine Macdonald, Stacey Hildreth, Perry Davies, Laura Papple, Samantha Matthews, Kaye Coombs, Renata Szarvas, Mayumi Sherburn, Emma Cunningham, Tanya Hayton, Michael Haggie, Judy McIntyre, Katherine Claypole, David Rimmer, Amy Blackburn, Jacquifire & The Black Pixie

Opening: August 16 5:30 pm

Viewing: August 16 until August 26

A BIG exhibition of small works!

5% of all exhibition sales donated directly to the Women’s Network Whanganui.

{ Pop-up Gallery }

This exhibition is proud to be part of the Winter Wonderfest! Download a free programme and get out and about this Winter!