Anthony Davies: Plight of the Innocent, Part II



Anthony Davies

Plight of the innocent, Part II

34 Lithographs of current events

If the scourge slays suddenly, he will laugh at the plight of the innocent. 

(The Book of Job, chapter 9, verse 23, King James Version)

Davies’ most recent series is a suite of lithographic prints. His realism is as brutal to the gaze of the viewer as God is to Job in the Bible. Davies attempts to give us a very clear picture of the onset of disaster caused by humanity and our wanton use of the planet as a rubbish tip. Each work in this series demonstrates just how we have left no inch of the earth and the immediate airspace around it pristine. In this verse, Job is enraged at God seemingly sitting idly by whilst suffering and tragedy strikes him constantly. Are we, like Job, supposed to never give up or are we to remain in an aggrieved state? Has Davies reached the point where he can barely cope with any more of the planet’s sickness? Whilst Davies is not actually using biblical reference to proselytise, this series does seem to urge us to consider if this is what we actually want for the innocent future generations?

-Excerpt from Anthony’s most recent publication “As the situation unfolds: Anthony Davies, A Survey of works: 2007-16″.

Exhibition viewing until 22nd June


The works:

Plight of the Innocent (2015-2016), Part II, Lithographs, Incisioni, Desegno & Canson Papers, 350 x 400mm, $450 each



Available during the exhibition: A SURVEY OF WORKS 2007-16, ED. 250, PAGES 192, $35