Emma Cunningham, BEJEWELLED- The Enchanted Garden



Emma Cunningham

BEJEWELLED- The Enchanted Garden

{A collection of jewels for the body and wall}

This is the valley where I live. It is ancient and alive all at once.

It is where moa once roamed.

The white hart appears on the hill . The little karearea watches you. The songbird sings.

The stars illuminate the sky.

A long while ago Mrs Bason made a garden here. It had grown old and grown over.

We are slowly bringing it back.

Viewing until Friday the 30th of November

Space Studio & Gallery

The Works:

Please note due to the nature of these works dimensions are variable. Larger works are listed in millimeters, Jewellery in centimeters.

Works In-situ:

Emma Cunningham, BEJEWELLED- THE ENCHANTED GARDEN, Space Studio & Gallery, 17th-30th November