Sandy de Kock-The joy of Fauvism and my Favorite Books



Sandy de Kock

The Joy of Fauvism and my Favorite Books

This body of work is driven by my love of reading, and the desire for self- expression through painting the written visual image.

I am drawn to the joy of Fauvism, the simplicity of folk art, and the pleasure of the Japanese picture plane.

Opening each favorite book at random; pointing to a paragraph on the page, then painting that colorful image in my mind onto canvas, inspire these works.

Viewing until 8th December

Space Studio & Gallery


The Works:


Big Ernie, The Piano Player (Detail), The Joy of Fauvism Gallery View


Big Ernie, The Piano Player, Oil on Canvas, 121 x 121cm, $800- ”Ernie’s is this nightclub in Greenwich Village that my brother used to go to…Ernie is a big fat colored guy that plays the piano. He’s a terrific snob…but he can really play that piano!” The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger, page 72.


The Cattle News, Oil on Canvas, 100 x 60cm, $600- “Cattle had their families, and after they had finished speaking he could tell her the cattle news…he had an eye for cattle, he said people were like their cattle.” The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, By Alexander McCall Smith, Page 49.


The Almond Tree, Oil on Canvas, 101 x 75.5cm, $550- “Almond tree, beneath the terrace rail, Black, rusted, iron trunk, You have welded your thin stems finer, Like steel, like sensitive steel in the air, Grey, lavender, sensitive steel, curving thinly and brittly up in a parabola.” The Poems of D.H. Lawrence, From BARE ALMOND TREES, Page 238.


The Black Ribbon, Oil on Canvas, 121 x 121cm, $800- “But in the morning, submissive once more, I Melt, like a slender candle… And then from my bare shoulder, A black ribbon slides.” The Poems of Anna Akhmatova, Poems 1910.


Emma Bovary, Oil on Canvas, 121 x 121cm, $800- “ It was noon, the houses all had their shutters closed – the slate roofs, gleaming under the harsh light of the blue sky seemed to be giving off sparks beneath their ridges. A sultry wind was blowing. Emma felt weak as she walked; the pebbles on the footpath hurt her feet…” Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert.


A Peeled Peach Diffusion of Inutile Loveliness, Oil on Canvas, 100 x 75cm, $550- “Beyond the tilled plain, beyond the toy roofs, there would be a slow diffusion of inutile loveliness, a low sun in a platinum haze with a warm, peeled peach tinge pervading the upper edge of a two dimensional dove grey cloud fusing with the distant mist.” Lolita, Vladimir Nabakov, page 152.


Sandy De Kock, The Joy of Fauvism and my Favorite Books, Gallery View


Sandy De Kock, The Joy of Fauvism and my Favorite Books, Gallery View