Sarah Flourish

Opening: October 25 5:30 pm

Viewing: October 25 until November 4

You are cordially invited to an evening at mine,

I’ll take care of the food, and you bring the wine.

Don your best frock or fanciful shirt,

and we’ll talk about colours, and feelings, and flirt.

I’ve a guest list of people larger than life,

including Billy Connolly & Pamela, his wife.

These people contextualise my journey to date.

Come immerse yourself  alongside me; please don’t be late

We’ll ignore the barriers of decades and such,

because frankly some already gave up the snuff

I want to hear all your adventurous tales,

your wandering journeys, the times you set sail.

Gather round my good friends, who I haven’t yet met.

Our evening ahead won’t be one to forget.

{ Pop-up Gallery }