Cam Munroe


Organic shape series no. 7, moulding paste, various acrylic, pencil on canvas board.

For the small works in Smash I continue my love of a central shape-form and develop each separately but with red and some in pencil as a unifying theme. I hardly ever use red in my work. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I feel if used at all it needs to dominate and smash all other colours from the composition to work successfully, it is such a polarising colour.

The larger paintings celebrate a central shape also, but with a meditative treatment of thin vertical lines done in liquid acrylic.

Exploring shape is a continuing theme for my work. Like an ink blot test, each shape can evoke an emotional or intellectual trigger for the brain.

Viewing until 4th May

Gallery 2- Space Studio & Gallery

66 Taupo Quay

The works- Palisade Series:

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Organic shape series:

Moulding paste, various acrylic, pencil on canvas board. All dimensions refer to the frame size and are in centimeters.

Gallery view detail

Gallery View: