Classical Remains: New Pencil Drawings by Michael Haggie


Classical Remains

New pencil drawings by Michael Haggie

As an artist, I am depicting the viewer and the viewed object; sometimes the people depicted are looking out towards us, the viewers.

On the surface, this exhibition appears to be all about museum sculptures and artefacts. However in some drawings, people are lying down close to the objects. There are also no glass barriers between the classical remains and people, the viewer and the viewed. These classical art pieces are revered in an intimate way as I, myself, revered them as a young art student on visits to Italy and Greece. I am also revisiting my own past here.

The European revival of art in the period of the Renaissance was triggered by discoveries of the remains of classical culture. On a personal note, I view this art as part of our classical western art heritage. These classical remains are fundamental to the history of western art.

The particular media of this exhibition is solely colour pencil on Fabriano paper. I use my pencils freely to layer colour as well as both linear and three dimensional definition. I have been inspired not only by classical remains themselves, but by the glamour and richness of colour in current fashion photography. I like to retain the idea of luxury from striking fashion advertisements and incorporate it into my classical concepts.

These classical remains are still very potent and even magical. They stimulate me to put them into a very contemporary frame. Whether it is the gaze of the viewer of classical artefacts within the picture frame, or the gaze of the viewers of this exhibition, the concept of the gaze is central to these works.


Viewing until 25th May


The works:

All works are coloured pencil on Fabriano paper, 65 x 50 cm, $285



Michael Haggie, Classical Remains, Space Studio & Gallery, 12th-25th May